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Unchained Blades - Mikari Star [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Unchained Blades [Feb. 12th, 2013|06:57 pm]
Mikari Star

Unchained Blades

The story is simple enough. Reach the goddess' castle & you get a wish. What makes it interesting is the characters. Creatures in this world often start out with human bodies as "children" (though they look more like they're in their late teen or early twenties) & when they reach adulthood they grow into something more closely resembling their species. Fang is a dragon emperor, he reached the goddess Clunea & made her mad. She took away his power & turned him into his younger human-like self. Pissed off & thirsty for revenge Fang ventures to overcome the trials to reach Clunea again.

Joining him is Hector, a large metal golem prince who doesn't like his large metal body & fears the adult females of his species refusing to pick a golem girl to marry. Hector wants to have his past body back again.

Also on the team is white mage Lapis who is of the medusa. She doesn't have snake hair but her left eye petrifies those who look into it. She wants to wish away that power.

Between Lapis fussing about battles, Hector being a coward and Fang being full of himself it makes a lot of hilarious scenes. Lapis is full of unneeded fanservice but she's so funny I'll let it pass. But really Lapis, if you don't want guys looking at you because you're afraid to turn them to stone don't dress like that or are you trying to direct their eyes lower than your face? Gotta love Fang for not caring & simply taking note of her power. As for Hector he's a pedo... er I mean he likes those who are small & cute.

Mari, the plant girl, is the next to join. I don't know what her wish is yet. She's dull so far but I guess I'll give her time. She seems too much like a filler.

Competing for a wish of her own as a rival to Fang's team so far (though each person gets one wish anyway) is phoenix princess Tiana. She hates being a royal & would like to be free to show her tomboy attitude & adventure around. Her wish is to be reborn as a dragon.

First person dungeons, the ability to save anywhere any time & being about to capture monsters as "followers". Each "master" (main character) can have 4 that assist in battle. The charisma reminds me of Pokemon Yellow & the dungeons of Class of Heroes, but without the grinding. The exploring & quests are super fun too. I'll post some more on Twitter as I play some more.